Do you have a successful AirBnb property?
Are you short of time to answer all of the messages and enquiries?
We can help you with that.

AirBnb allows to to have control over your prices and booking dates more than a letting agency and they charge less commission which is a very attractive proposition but some people just do not have the time to manage the enquiries and messages from the guests.

We can assist with that so that you as the owner still control your account but we are responsible for all of the contact with the guests up to and including during their stay and leaving them a review. We are in a perfect position to do this as we handle the servicing and cleaning too so we know how they have behaved as a guest.

This is a much more ‘hands off’ approach without signing over control to an agency.

Postcode Areas We Cover

CA1 CA2 CA3 CA4 CA5 CA6 CA7 CA8 CA9 CA10 CA11 CA12 CA13 CA14 CA15 CA16 CA17
LA1 – LA22
DL8 DL9 DL10 DL11 DL12
NE45 NE46 NE47 NE49
DG14 DG16

How does it work?

We offer a ‘wraparound’ service and we already are professional co-hosts on Airbnb.

We look after properties for owners who do not even live in the country, let alone the area. Our aim is to take away any stress for the owners and get the best reviews possible. If they get excellent reviews, they get more bookings and we in turn get more work.

We link seamlessly with letting agents and Airbnb to receive booking information which is then uploaded onto our software system. Each property has its own job file with all of the cottage information up to and including photos of how the owner would like it dressed. All of the housekeepers have an App on their phone with their diary which includes this information.

At the end of each changeover the housekeeper takes comprehensive photos which are uploaded directly to our system via the App. This protects against damage and false complaints to reduce claims against the host and costs for damages.

We can provide Welcome packs, toiletries and preserves from our Classic or Luxury range.