More and more holiday lets have hot tubs.

It’s a great addition to any holiday property as it does attract guests, but they do require good levels of maintenance.

Any breakdowns need to be repaired as quickly as possible or it can lead to partial refunds to your guests.

Let us look after your hot tub for you to ensure that this doesn’t happen. We entrust this to out maintenance team who are fully trained. It means you are getting the same high standard of service every time following the strict government guidelines.

We also recommend that you have both cold and hot taps fitted outside as the hot tub must be emptied after each booking and if they are only cold filled they would not be ready for the incoming guests. This would not be ideal when we are aiming to crate the best First Impression.

Our hot tub management service includes;

  • Empty
  • Jet Flush through
  • Filter wash or replacement
  • Refill
  • Chemical check
  • Area around the hot tub cleaned and maintained